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Pure Legacy believes that quality starts from the minute you plant the seed. From the planting to the nurturing and the growing, we are proud of each carton of fresh fruit that is exported. We hand-pick the best growers to satisfy our clients’ needs. Second to the growing process, we also do multiple inspections before we pack the fruit in reefer containers and send them off to travel by sea. The first inspection takes place by technical representatives in the pack house. The second inspection is done by South Africa. Official Perishable Produce Export Certification Agency (PPECB). If approved, they will generate a certificate to say that the fresh fruit is fit for export. Once this process is complete, our technical team inspects the fruit before loading.

We are aware that fruit can be influenced by the long transit times, therefore we have marine insurance in place to cover any occurrence that may negatively affect the fruit during its transit. It’s important to note that we also partner with different quality surveyors at the different arrival destinations so to have transparent feedback back to our growers.

Our process

Our process is carefully thought out, as each step is needed to achieve the necessary success. From planting the first tree to delivery, our logistics plan is strategically aligned with your business goals.

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